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BHEL is one of the oldest and largest insulators manufacturing units in the country. It manufactures the full range of porcelain insulators for use in power transmission lines, sub-station. It also manufactures another important product called CERALIN, a highly abrasion resistant ceramic material for use in thermal power stations and for various industrial applications countries worldwide. Electro porcelains Division is one of the manufacturing units of BHEL. Here products manufactured are High Tension Insulators, Bushings, Solid core, ceramic Liners and other Products for new applications. More...
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BHEL EPD GST HELP DESK- gst.epd@bhelepd.com
GST Information(BHEL-EPD)
GST Certificate BHEL-EPD
Notice Inviting Tenders (NIT) / the tender requirement of BHEL-EPD will not henceforth be published in the newspapers.
All concerned are hereby notified that the tender enquiries of BHEL-EPD will be published on BHEL tender Website (www.bhel.com),
BHEL EPD tender website (www.bhelceramics.com) and Govt’s Central Public Procurement portal (https://eprocure.gov.in).
All interested bidders are requested to refer above website for tenders of BHEL.