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BHEL Ceramic Business Unit is a leading manufacturer of high voltage porcelain insulators, with 75 years experience in designing and manufacturing of insulators. BHEL CBU produces a most diverse range of insulators up to the highest voltages in both AC & DC systems, using the latest of technologies and state-of-art manufacturing processes. Hollow insulators form an important component of the electrical system. BHEL manufactures all types of Hollow insulators in the range of 11 kV to 800 kV for various applications like instrument transformers, breaker chambers, surge diverters, supports for GCBs, capacitors, wall through bushings, top & bottom housings of transformer bushings and electrostatic precipitators. Hollow insulators in BHEL are manufactured as per IS:5621 and International standards like IEC 62155. Hollow insulators can be supplied with various types of end fixing arrangements like plain glazed ends, groged (sanded) ends, ends fitted with metallic flanges, ends with ground collars, ends with glazed/ unglazed convolutes etc. Insulators can be designed & supplied for different mechanical characteristics like cantilever strength and internal pressure strength. Depending upon the customer's requirements suitable porcelain body composition is selected to meet the functional requirements. Tall Hollow insulators are generally manufactured with two or more joints and the parts are joined by "Epoxy".