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Public greivance redressal systems

1. Objective:
 The objective of the Scheme for redressal of “Public Grievance” in BHEL is to provide appropriate mechanism whereby an individual/group who believe (s) that he has been wronged by any act of the Company is able to redress his/her grievance.

2. Coverage:
The Scheme will cover all individuals except (i) Employees, (ii)Shareholders, (iii) Vendors & Customers already having a contractual relationship with BHEL, since for these categories a formal Grievance Redressal System already exits.

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 3. Definition:
A “Grievance “ for the purpose of this Scheme would mean, a cause of distress felt on account of being wronged, to afford a reason for complaint, relating to any individual /Group (other than those not covered under the Scheme) arising out of any decision taken by BHEL in relation to that Individual/Group.

 4. Scheme:
Public Grievance Officer has been appointed in EPD who will be accessible on all Saturdays (working days only) between 2.00 to 4.00 PM exclusively for this purpose. The Public Grievance Officer’s name, designation, telephone & Fax No., & E-mail address etc., are displayed on a board placed at the Main as well as Rear Entrance of the Factory. Copies of the format for registering grievances/appeals have also been kept available at the Factory Reception Office. The formats may also be downloadable from the respective websites.

 4.1 An individual can register his grievance in writing with the Public Grievance Officer directly. Alternatively, the grievance in the prescribed format can also be handed over to the Reception Office. All Grievances should be acknowledged with in one week of receipt by the PGO. The PGO will consider the grievance and offer his reply within a maximum period of 45 days from the date of receipt.

5. Appeal: (Stage- II)

5.1 If the aggrieved individual is not satisfied with the reply accorded to his Grievance by the PGO/ concerned Department, then he may appeal to the High Powered Committee through the PGO along with all related documents (Format for Appeal may be downloaded from this website) which will inform the decision of the Committee within 7 days through the PGO. The decision given by the High Powered Committee is final

5.2 This High Powered Committee comprises of the following: i Head of Finance ii Head of HR – Convenor iii Head of Department to which the Grievance is related.

6. Exclusion of Types of Grievance.

 Following Grievances will not be taken up:
i) Anonymous complaints or Frivolous cases and others in respect of which inadequate supporting details are provided.
ii) Cases involving decisions/policy matters in which the aggrieved has not been affected directly /indirectly.
iii) Cases where quasi judicial procedures are prescribed for deciding matters or cases that are sub-judice.
iv) Service matters of employees- This should be taken up by an employee ( not anyone else) through Grievance Redressal system already in place.
v) A Grievance which has already been disposed off by the High Powered committee.
vi) Complaints of corruption. This should be lodged with the vigilance officer of the unit and dealt with separately.